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Trattoria – Restaurant – Balmatta‎


Trattoria –  Restaurant

Next to Shanthi Nilaya,

Phone: +919663034134 / +918183934100

Experience your Italian favourites in the most delightful flavour combos

It goes without saying that once you’ve had woodfired Pizza, there’s just no looking back. Trattoria, for us, always did just that as we inhaled the unmistakable, charred scent of the Neapolitan-style pizza and watched in awe, while it baked to perfection before us. Thin-crust pizza lovers, though few, have a loyal fan base and a place like Trattoria is but surely their treasure. Hence, the revamped interiors and a brand new menu, got us all squirming in our seats, eager to know their story.

Wood Fired Pizza Trattoria Balmatta Mangalore - Trattoria - Restaurant - Balmatta‎
Wood Fired Pizza – Trattoria, Balmatta, Mangalore

The room is bathed in deep blue and white, much like the famous Greek city, Santorini. We half-expected to see a Katrina and Hrithik pull a “Meherbaan Hua Rab”(so now you know where the song from Bang Bang was shot) on us, but jokes apart, the blue is serene, calming and definitely in sync with the food. A sizeable wood-fired oven burps out pizza at regular intervals, and the air has a particular Mykonos sort of vibe, a diffusion line for Chef and founder Savio.

Cold Hunter Soup Trattoria Balmatta Mangalore - Trattoria - Restaurant - Balmatta‎
Cold Hunter Soup

And Bam! Like an Avenger the food does pack a massive punch. Here’s Hunter cold soup with a sugarcane stick(basically tomato soup, with crushed basil that you down as you do with a shot and then chew on the sugarcane- an amalgamation of sweet, salty and spicy flavours meant to awaken your senses). There are veg and Chicken Dim Sums and a kind of purple ravioli of pillowy elasticity with ricotta and roasted pumpkin and homemade cheese stuffing. This is glorious- fiery and satisfying.

We have a Cava-a-Nora: chicken stuffed with squid served along with quinoa rice that comes in two variations; in a demi-glaze sauce as well as tomato sauce each one just as delightful as the other. We have no idea where the chicken is from, but it tastes like it lived a happy life.

When a pizza- airy, blistered, topped with tomato, cheese, olives and capers- is the loveliest dish ordered, there’s cause to wonder. The Romana pizza is the perfect vegetarian pizza, that can almost beat the non-vegetarian ones, hands down.

Momos Trattoria Balmatta Mangalore - Trattoria - Restaurant - Balmatta‎
Momos – Trattoria, Balmatta, Mangalore

In keeping with the traditional spirit, our choice of beverage at Trattoria is ice tea: served in a pot and a thoroughly refreshing concoction while chomping down on Italian grub. We sit around mulishly; anticipating the arrival of our desserts: Tiramisu, White and dark chocolate mousse and Strawberry pannacotta. There’s a devotion to that unique texture of the white chocolate mousse, the layer of caramel on top, both gooey and alluring.

Nothing is haphazard or taken for granted. The food presentation is exquisite: pretty crockery and bowls, while the service is pleasant. This cosy eatery surely has progressed into a restaurant of gravitas, wit and style. This is a serious coming of age: Trattoria is, entirely just, gorgeous.


Food (Pizza) Menu – Trattoria

Food Menu Trattoria Oven Pizza Balmatta Mangalore P2 - Trattoria - Restaurant - Balmatta‎
Food Menu
Food Menu Trattoria Oven Pizza Balmatta Mangalore P1 - Trattoria - Restaurant - Balmatta‎
Food Menu

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