January 30, 2023
TGG - The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore

TGG – The Good Galette – Attavar

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TGG – The Good Galette

Presidency Skycourt,
Near Nilgiris Supermarket Attavar,
Phone: +919986967674

Find yourself a better bit of batter at TGG

Mangalore city is all the rage these days, because of its culinary offerings, and an exciting and extensively elegant breakfast tradition is a huge part of those. With the opening of ‘the good galette’, this culture is now a lot more profound; as it’s safe to say that devouring pancakes or waffles for dinner isn’t as jarring as it may have once seemed.

Tgg, (as it’s called) lives in the same complex as the Nilgiris supermarket, in Attavar, and is almost missable if you don’t walk towards the side of the building. But once you step in, it’s quite gorgeous. With an array of potted plants nestling on one side of the wall, a capacious open-brushed kitchen and a delightful menu, the sheer chutzpah of it all meant, we took to tgg, even before having a bite.

Although, be warned, as finding a table here isn’t so easy, especially in the evening hours. Service is bright, warm and knowledgeable-dishes appear, and then guests are left alone. Some rhythmic foot-tapping tunes are playing in the background, all the while, as we sit and order a couple of dishes.

Fruit Waffle - TGG - The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore
Fruit Waffle – TGG – The Good Galette – Attavar, Mangalore

The Nutella Banana Waffle, topped with ice-cream, nuts, fruits, whipped cream and maple syrup is a feisty slap of sugary goodness. However, I was surprised to discover, that not everyone at our table seemed to agree. In fact, after a couple of digs, my friend pushed her plate towards me saying it was far too sweet for her liking. Of course, I was only too pleased.

All Day Breakfast - Chicken - TGG – The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore
All Day Breakfast – Chicken – (Scrambled Eggs / Chicken Sausages / Chicken Salami / Peanut Butter / Jam / Baked Beans / with choice of waffle or toast)

At tgg, there’s something for everyone, and it’s crispy deep-fried chicken wings with a dose of sesame seeds, and a vibrant thwack of schezwan sauce is genuinely a delight and costs 240rs. The street momos, on the other hand, were perhaps less exciting. On another occasion – and I’m going back – I’m going for the Commando fries that are getting incredibly popular.

The menu is likely to change, but in my mind, the sliding Waffwich with Jalapeño, tomato and lettuce, is certainly worth seeking out.

Finally, if there’s one thing you should not miss out on, it’s their pannacotta. With a glorious tickle of mocha, topped with white chocolate and generous amounts of chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream and cherry. Understandably, the skills of Chef Boja Kotian, having worked in places all over the globe, like in the US and UK, surely knows his dessert-making craft. We left full, cheerful and determined to get others on board about this place.

Tgg, feels to me, like a restaurant, that’s at the start of a long and remarkable journey. Rahul and his exceptional team look like they’re having the time of their lives, testing the boundaries of Mangalore’s food scene. It may not be perfect, but it sure is exciting. We’ll have the latter any day.

TGG - The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore
TGG – The Good Galette – Attavar, Mangalore
Content by Megan D Souza