September 22, 2021
Thyme (Spindrift) - Family Restaurant - Bharath Mall, Mangalore

Spindrift’s Thyme – Family Restaurant – Bharath Mall

Spindrift’s Thyme

4th floor,
Bharath Mall,
Bejai Main Road
Mangalore 575004
Phone: +917829438333

Enjoy a luxe fine-dine at Spindrift’s Thyme

The most diligently laid plans can go awry. Like you could be heading to Spindrift, as you do every weekend, only to find out that it’s packed like always and you’d have to make do without your brewed beer. Or you want to enjoy the latter with your folks sans all the cacophony. Whatever be the reason, when you desire to set out on a culinary adventure, Thyme is truly a find. In stark contrast to its well-known counterpart, Thyme has white-tiled walls with sparse patterns and a clean, utilitarian ambience, full of flashy lightbulbs shining their filaments at you. With minimalistic decor and a few artsy paintings dotting the walls, the focus is on the food, though not cheap, is exceptionally good.

Thyme (Spindrift) - Family Restaurant - Bharath Mall, Mangalore
Thyme (Spindrift) – Family Restaurant

On our first visit, we tasted a satisfying chunk of the restaurant’s elaborate menu to be able to pinpoint our favourites of the lot. To start, we had the Tom Yum Gong which is a Thai Prawn soup, and it had a burst of flavours all at once; we were wowed-it was fabulous! If something as mundane as a potato salad is transformed into a thrill ride, it’s clear there’s something special going on.

The Thyme special ice tea with a sweet minty flavour and the thick, creamy Kiwi Blossom stole the show among the mocktails. Moreover, the beautiful presentation of these drinks accounts for half their appeal.

There’s a definite sense of crowd-pleasing as well, with a cheery waiter, thrilled in doling out recommendations to suit your palate and quick service.

The Anjal Uppu Munchi features a crispy exterior with fish cooked just right; it’s a study in luxurious subtlety. While, the Chinese fried chicken is an excellent example of a lovely Indianised chinese dish that should be had hot to savour the flavours.

Among the mains, Murgh Makmalai has a pneumatic, turmeric-licked chicken with an egg-white foam topping and gravy so gently creamy with coconut milk, and glossy curry leaves; it’s perfect with a couple of rotis. Rotis are light and buttery, rice fragrant, fluffy basmati.

Moving onto the most important aspect of our meals at least, the desserts are surely an icing on the cake. We vouch for the gulab jamun cheesecake and the Chai potli creme brule with a crumbly caramelised top and a hint of masala chai, though this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, pun intended! The moist Indonesian crepes with a banana filling and Pineapple truffle delivered a clever finishing flourish to an extremely well-done meal.

Overall, Spindrift’s Thyme is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience in fine-dining. It’s a soothing place to have a nice dinner with your family and intimate friends circle. We’ve no doubt it will find the devoted audience that it deserves. And if you fancied the former, you’d love this too.

Spindrift's Thyme - Bharath Mall, Bejai, Mangalore
Spindrift’s Thyme – Bharath Mall, Bejai, Mangalore
Content by Megan D' Souza