June 21, 2021
Sevaashrama - Sevaa Bhaava Charitable Trust - Home for destitute women - Derlakatte, Mangalore

Sevaashrama – Sevaa Bhaava Charitable Trust – Derlakatte, Mangalore

Sevaashrama (Sevaa Ashram)

Sevaa Bhaava Charitable Trust
Sevaa Ashram
Belma Village
Derlakatte, Mangalore – 575018
Karnataka, India
Phone: +918242249773
Email: info@sevaabhaava.com

Sevaashrama is a home for destitute women, which was started in may 2013, with a motive of providing home for the homeless destitute women. It began with serving 2 destitute women and now the number is increasing.

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved”. As you grow older you seek to have more attention and love and here at Sevaashrama we aim at providing the best love and care to the inmates with all the facilities that is required to lead our daily life.



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