September 23, 2023
S Cube Art Gallery - Mannagudda / Carstreet, Mangalore

S Cube Art Gallery – Mannagudda / Carstreet, Mangalore

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S Cube Art Gallery

Gurji Circle,
Mangalore 575003
Phone: +919480014812

S Cube Art Gallery was started in August 2014 with the objective of serving as a hub of art of Coastal Karnataka. Situated in the serene residential locale of Mannagudda in Mangalore city, the gallery offers premium display of works of art by reputed professional artists of the region. In addition to this, the gallery also accepts orders for concept based customized works and commissioned works to meet architectural and interior needs.

Heightened aesthetic sense is the hallmark of a cultured society. The changing economic profile of Mangalore and the growing affluence of Mangaloreans has resulted in complete transformation of lifestyle in recent times. This has led to a surge in demand for aesthetic inputs
in living spaces. In this milieu S Cube Art Gallery has created a niche for itself as the place to come to for meeting artistic requirements.

Unique Art Project at Mangalore International Airport

S Cube Art Gallery has successfully concluded its prestigious assignment from Airports Authority of India (AAI) to beautify Mangaluru Airport with artistic works. AAI had invited tenders for various jobs to be executed in the airport premises. S Cube Art Gallery had made a competitive bid which was subsequently followed up with presentation before selection panel and award of contract. S Cube Art Gallery bagged the contract for six works in two sectors out of the total four sectors for which the tender had been called.
The themes presented by S Cube Art Gallery showcase the Tulu culture and heritage of the people of Coastal Karnataka. The six themes selected are:

1. ‘Human Hand Flying Paper Plane’ – fibre glass and steel sculpture work installed in the circle in the outer precincts of the airport. This is a larger than life sculpture signifying the dreams and aspirations of the air travelers. Artist: Harish Kodialbail, Mangalore

2. ‘Kambala’ – fibre glass sculpture installed at the exit area of the airport. This sculpture is meant to introduce ‘Kambala’, the iconic folk sport of the region to the visitors and tourists. Artist: Harish Kodialbail, Mangalore 3. ‘Fisherman with Boat’ – fibre glass and steel sculpture installed at the entrance to departures lounge of the airport. It symbolizes the fishing culture of the coastal region
depicting the soaring aspirations, life of courage and adventure as well as the daily struggles of the fisher folk. Artist: Harish Kodialbail, Mangalore

4. ‘Tiger Dance’ – fibre glass and steel sculpture installed at the arrivals lounge of the airport. This work depicts the world famous ‘Mangalore Pilivesha’ showing tiger dancers in various typical postures to the visiting tourists. Artist: Harish Kodialbail, Mangalore

5. ‘Folk Art Forms’ – six individual terracotta sculptures with Tulunadu cultural themes installed alongside the domestic and international corridors of the airport. Artist: Venki Palimaru, Udupi

6. ‘Jain Miniature Paintings’ – Jain miniature paintings (18×6 feet) – Two works of acrylic on canvas displayed on the wall on either sides of the exit area. The work was conceived after referring to authentic traditional Jain paintings in Moodbidri Jain Mutt and Shravanabelagola Mutt. Artist: Reshma S. Shetty, Mangalore

The work was completed over a period of six months and concluded in the month of July, 2019. S Cube Art Gallery is grateful to the Airports Authority of India for giving the opportunity to participate in this project and showcase the artistic talents of the region.