December 2, 2023
Ribbons & Balloons - Cake Shop - Bajpe, Mangalore

Ribbons & Balloons – Cake Shop – Bajpe, Mangalore

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Ribbons & Balloons – Cake Shop

Upper Floor,
Plama Castle.
Bajpe Main Road,
Opp Jumma Masjid,
Mangalore 574142
Phone: +918197667888

The quality quotient of life in Bajpe- the Airport Town will get a lot better starting from Sunday, the “Ribbons and Balloons” the new generation cake makers, bakers and confectioners will open their outlet on Sunday – 14 June. The outlet will be opened at the Plama Castle on Bajpe Main Road, opposite Jumma Masjid. People of Bajpe can also now celebrate their anniversaries, birthdays and parties on special occasions like the people in big cities and uptown areas with tastefully decorated cakes, partyware and the works.

Bajpe joins the list of nine other outlets in the Dakshina Kannada district that includes The Ribbons and Balloons Udupi and Mangaluru located at Ballal Bagh, Bendoorwell, Deralakatte, Shirva, Yeyyadi, Surathkal, Manipal, and Kinnigoli, The Bajpe outlet will be the tenth one. The Ribbons and Balloons outlets have made their mark in two states of Karnataka and Maharashtra after making a grand entry into the business in 2005.

The bakers and cake designers at Ribbons and Balloons are a class apart when it comes to preparing customised cakes, the customer can order a cake that can suit his style and if he wants help there is an elaborate catalogue of varied designs that he can choose from. Whenever there is an occasion that involves cake cutting, be it birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, acquisitions or just a craving for gorging on those pastries, puffs, rolls, gateaux, cupcakes, cookies and biscuits, Ribbons and Balloons is the place for all of it. Special multi-deck cakes for anniversaries and weddings are a speciality. Despite the great designing, colour combinations, a wide variety of flavours the quality quotient have been kept as the top priority, the taste aroma and composition the three elements that go together in making cakes and pastries at Ribbons and Balloons. The Bajpe outlet which is the tenth in the undivided Dakshina Kannada district will have all these features, ware and service.

These are the days we find our solace in celebrations, we tend to fly into celebrations zone at a drop of the hat, thanks to the visionary confectionaries and bakers we do have the means to indulge. This revolution got a boost when the brand ‘Ribbons and Balloons’ appeared on the horizon in 2005. This was an entirely new ball game. Outlandish cake designing, pastry casings, myriad colours and shaping- all decked up on the tastefully crafted display counters in different cities and towns in two states, for party buffs the future had arrived!

About Ribbons and Balloons

Adjective ‘visionary’ will undermine the capabilities of Sathish Shetty, the brain behind ‘Ribbons and Balloons’ It was more than just a vision that drove Ribbons and Balloons since 2005, Sathish Shetty who is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Yaash Krishni group of companies has taken the brand equity of Ribbons and Balloons customers across the board, today outlets of Ribbons and Balloons can be seen three top cities like Mumbai, Pune and Mangaluru with many franchisees even in small obscure places in and around these cities. Customers feel products of Ribbons and Balloons have changed the way they celebrated occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions-the highlight or the centrepiece always being the cake and paraphernalia coming from Ribbons and Balloons.

The production practices at the units of Ribbons and Balloons undoubtedly is the best in the trade, equipped for maintaining, hygiene, safety and deliver the products with unwavering taste and aroma. Quality and value for money are the watchwords at Ribbons and Balloons. Every cake and pastry produced here to get the same attention in quality and integration process. There is a range of flavours that gel together in a harmonious blend and give that special effect to the cakes, chefs and bakers at Ribbons and Balloons are masters in integrating these flavours, which is why the gourmets do not tire in complimenting the products of Ribbons and Balloons.

In the times of special days like Christmas and new year, the creativeness of the chefs is on overdrive. That is the time when the most delectable cakes come out on the shelves made in chocolate, vanilla, orange cream, fresh cream in tens of different combinations each, red velvet cake and many others make the traditional flavours seem so yesterday! Every outlet of Ribbons and Balloons also stock up everything that is connected to celebration parties, sparkling candles, birthday caps and decorative items.