February 4, 2023
ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore

ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – M G Road

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ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen

5th Floor,
Kayarmanj Building
Next to T.M.A.Pai Conventional Hall,
Opp. First Cry Store

M.G.Road, Ballal Bagh,
Karnataka 575003
Phone:  +918050301111

 Onyx will bowl you over with it’s freshness, zip and zing.

There are some restaurants when they have everything else that’s going for them, offer food that’s better than it should be. The view from Onyx air lounge and kitchen, overlooking M.G road on one side and the T.M.A Pai hall on the other is so vast, and the sense of floating above so engrossing, that the magic of the food and ambiance is merely a bonus. Add to it, a bartender that expertly swirls the bottles like in the movies, and your life seems complete.

A monumental live screen with a separate large 17 seated table is poised ever so royally in the already classy, vivid atmosphere. In keeping with its name Onyx, i.e., which removes negative energy, here is a unique place perfect for get-togethers to bond over food, drinks, music and more! Interactive elements like Teppanyaki live, an exclusive dessert counter and an expansive island bar, you name it, and Onyx has it.

On a hot summer’s night, when Mangalore shimmers yellow and green beneath a topaz sky, Onyx air lounge and kitchen is much the same. With a sub-level party room, separate smoking section, great selection of alcohol and high-quality cutlery, the friendly staff is an extra.

So with all this going on, the food is as robust and sturdy as the place that it’s a part of. It’s also as international as the contemporary interiors they display.

Chilli Cheese Rum Flaming Pizza - ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore
Chilli Cheese Rum Flaming Pizza – ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – MG Road, Mangalore

Their Oreo shake is made of a crisp, tasty wafer and crumbly oreo bits and cream, that does smoothly tingle your palate. It comes with colorful sprinkles decorated all around the top to distract you from the chocolaty brown oreo hues.

If it’s a mocktail that stands out, it has to be the Bell Pepper, comprising of cantaloupe, orange juice, and bell pepper melon. Though it has a high bell pepper flavor, it still isn’t overpowering and is nice and smooth. Dislike Capsicums? No worries, because the Melon Sour Mocktail scores big time with a watermelon base and a minty flavor that is undoubtedly for the sugar fans.

Oreo Shake - ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore
Oreo Shake

There is, naturally enough, a varied menu dedicated to the superstar contents and yet we opt for the Chicken Kalmi Kebab because what’s life without a kebab?However, only one thing matters with a Kebab. Has it been adequately cooked and crisped? Here, it has. It comes with a green sauce that complements it perfectly.

Meanwhile, we can’t skip out on a Paneer dish, so the Paneer Peri Peri it is. The tinge of Peri Peri is best savored when eaten slowly. Another dish that we highly recommend is, the Chilli cheese rum-flaming pizza, crispy, delectable balanced with the bitterness of the rum in a nice contrast. And then, there is the Bhatti ka murgh presented beautifully in a brass jug with charcoal pieces at the bottom and juicy Chicken kebab skewers.

Afterwards, as you move stealthily onto the vast dessert station, you can find a tempting array in the Masala Chai Panacotta and the ravishing cheese paan. A unique sponge cake is seen in the Tres Leches but full points to the dessert winner for us -Marble Cheesecake that we scarfed down in seconds

With nothing short of a ‘pitch-perfect meal,’ your love for the place just intensifies. An in-house DJ spins out pulsating music and is raring to rock the place while the inventive cocktail menu is impressive(read Tamarind Martini). The VIP lounge in a stylish cubicle with a customized menu and personalized hostess is enough to lift your spirits.

Onyx air lounge and kitchen sure has raised the bar, for party dwellers of the city making it swanky, sassy yet affordable for Mangalore’s clubbing culture. What are you waiting for?

ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore
ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – MG Road, Mangalore
Content by Megan D' Souza