February 5, 2023
Navi Natural - Skin Care Products - Mangalore

Navi Natural – Skin Care Products

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Right here in Mangalore – Natural Lip Balms, Deodorants and Body Butters.

On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to pollution, and harsh / harmful chemicals in the multitude of cosmetic and personal care items. Through our brand, Navi, we bring you blends of natural ingredients for personal care to protect and nourish the skin against these.

Mangalore has a rich culture that believes in everything seasonal and natural. Ayurveda, Seasonal, naturally growing ‘naati’ vegetables find respect here. At Navi too, we believe in use of local ingredients too or ‘going local’ as the millenials’ term goes. We believe that Mother Nature provides everything essential to our well being in our vicinity everything essential.

For example, one of our major components is Kokum Butter, rich source of Vitamin E. It is the cold pressed oil from the seed of Kokum or ‘Garcinia Indica’, locally called ‘Punarpuli’, indigenious to the Western Ghats. It has been used in Ayurveda to treat variety of skin ailments including dry skin and stretch marks. It has also been known for exceptional anti-aging properties and as a non-comedogenic(doesn’t clog pores). Next is our very own beauty elixir – anti-bacterial, anti-fungal– Coconut oil. Since the time of Sushruta, Father of modern surgery, Ayurveda has described Coconut oil as a natural coolant among other properties. Need we say more about something so dear to the heart and soul of our city?

We bring you the benefits of these and a few more ingredients in our products made right here in Mangalore. No-parabens, No-preservatives, No-petroleum derivatives, Cruelty- free makes our products hypoallergenic and kid-friendly. We are glad that we are offering options without harmful additives to teenagers, at the age they want to and probably should be introduced to personal care products.

We have a lip-smacking range of natural lip balms – watermelon, nārangi nectar, saunf, black forest etc. Choose a heady (Musk, The classic etc) or go for a floral (Misty Lily, Lavender etc) underarm deodorant cream. Nourish the skin with our butters (Citrus Smoothie, Minty mint etc). With our pocket-friendly sizes and wallet-friendly prices, mix and match your order for personal use of to put together a gift hamper for a loved one.

In a nut shell we offer natural personal skincare products at a reasonable price, just a hop,skip and jump away from you.

Order your products today and experience them yourselves. We work out of Arya Samaj Road in Mangalore and participate in markets around the year.

Contact: Vaishnavi Pandit on +919480932851 or check out our facebook page NaviNavi. We courier to your location anywhere in India.

PS: Vegan products made on order.