DRNK Lab - Light House Hill Road

DRNK Lab – Light House Hill Road



Hotel Nalapad Residency
Light House Hill Road

Phone: +918244271133

Refreshing blends of your choice, only at the drnk lab

“Sugar, spice and everything nice”, while these were the ingredients chosen by the infamous Professor Utonium to create the Powerpuff girls, in the American superhero animated series, it indeed comes to mind when you visit drnk lab as you sample delicious concoctions that are whipped up with your favourite ingredients. That’s right; Chemistry just got a lot more exciting because when there’s food involved excitement peaks levels for grub lovers everywhere.

Rightfully called “drnk lab”, this exuberant yet pretty modest eatery, situated in the Nalapad Residency Building at Light House Hill Road, soothes your taste buds with delectable experiments where you get to pick what ingredients go into your drink. With its nicely lit up ambience, quirky seating area, European vibe and colourful panels, it’s always brimming with fun, food and conversations.

Coffee Original DRNK Lab Light House Hill Road Hampankatta Mangalore - DRNK Lab - Light House Hill Road
Coffee Original

From creamy sundaes, mouth-watering sodas and faloodas, to teas and sizzling ice creams, the delicacies served at the drnk lab are nothing short of phenomenal.
While the cordial staff recommended us several drinks and quick bites, here’s what #aroundmangalore liked:

Kashmiri Falooda:
Berry lovers, dig into this humongous glass, that is incredibly flavorful, soothing and refreshing with generous amounts of raisins and nuts and chilling vanilla ice-cream to top it off.

Fruity Yogo:
This tempting mixed fruit lassi with apple, banana, grapes and strawberry is pleasantly sweet and the type of drink that you would want to keep sipping on again and again.

Mad Macho:
Nutella milkshake with ice-cream and toppings makes up for a divine treat that only Nutella fans would get.

Nut get together:
Besides the apparently bizarre name, this one does have it all together with an intense honey flavour and a copious sprinkling of nuts and whipped cream.

Yes, we do love our drinks, but what’s a place without food, so of course drnk lab has their fair share of quick bites like burgers and kinds of pasta. If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly, then you can have a go at their salads too.

So, since we’ve now run it all by you, it’s time to head out and conduct your own little experiments at the drnk lab. And while you’re at it, we sure would love to hear about them too.

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