July 31, 2021
Waffee House - Cafe - Waffle plus Coffee - Bendoorwell, Mangalore

Waffee House – Cafe -Bendoorwell

Waffee House – Cafe – Waffle + Coffee

City Arcade,
Balmatta Road,
 Phone +919895661996


Satiate those sweet-tooth cravings at Waffee House

‘Life is short, eat dessert first,’ is indeed a life mantra for the likes of those of us, who can always make room for dessert. So, when we first heard about this dessert heaven, we had to do a double take. Staring at the sign, it had us wondering if we had misread it or had they misspelt it? But what d’ya know, Waffee is Waffles and Coffee-which by the way, is the most electrifying combination if you ask us, more so on bustling weekdays. Sigh!

Now that we’ve got the name sorted out, let’s just scrap the rest and get straight to the point. Waffles can be typically overshadowed by the brunch bigwigs like pancakes and crepes, but Waffee house is here to especially show some love to this golden brown, buttery breakfast staple, while still glorifying its counterparts. In plain words, the menu boasts of Belgian waffles and dutch pancake varieties along with a host of mojitos, mocktails and thick shakes.

Nasty Nutella Dutch Pan Cake Waffee House Cafe Waffle plus Coffee Bendoorwell Mangalore - Waffee House - Cafe -Bendoorwell
Nasty Nutella – Dutch PanCake – Waffee House – Cafe – Waffle plus Coffee – Bendoorwell, Mangalore

This humble, quaint Cafe at Bendorewell can get pretty busy and crowded, so you might have to wait for a table, but it’s worth it as they rustle up some seriously divine waffles. You’re sure to chow on something here that takes your fancy. For instance, chocolate lovers, go in for the Nasty Nutella-mini Dutch pancakes with generous squirts of Nutella and loaded with choco chips. Another option would be the Triple chocolate-a combination of white, milk and dark chocolate.

Alternatively, if you’re a non-chocoholic, then we highly recommend the strawberry cream cheese waffles, brimming with cream cheese that balances the tanginess of the strawberries perfectly. Pair up these beauties with a cup of cappuccino, and you’re in a for a fitting treat. If you’d rather not like it hot, then a cup of cold Irish coffee should do you a whole lot of good.

Also, make sure to ask for ice-cream on your waffles, because they taste delish. In the slight incident, that you aren’t a coffee person(gasp!) you can also choose to wash it down with some fantastic shakes, we loved the Oreo and the salted caramel thick shake.

All in all, the reason these waffles deserve all the attention it can get is that they’re scrumptious, hearty and well-priced served by a friendly team that wants you to dig into these enticing syrup traps. So, do head there soon and waffle it up.

Waffee Cafe Waffle plus Coffee Bendoorwell Mangalore - Waffee House - Cafe -Bendoorwell
Waffee House – Cafe – Waffle plus Coffee – Bendoorwell, Mangalore

Food Menu – Waffee House – Cafe

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