May 17, 2024
U&I - Be The Change - NGO - Signup for a volunteer in Mangalore

U&I – Be The Change – NGO – Signup for a volunteer in Mangalore

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U&I – Be The Change – NGO
Signup for a volunteer in Mangalore

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U&I is a volunteer-driven charitable organization based in Bangalore, India. The vision for U&I was inspired when our Co-founders, Ajit Sivaram and Satish Manchikanti, along with a few friends, would visit the Institute for Mentally Handicapped Children every Sunday. The group would hang out with the special needs boys at the Home, playing games with them or spending time cleaning the compound. They realized that ordinary people coming together can make a huge difference in the lives of the neglected. Over time, the handful of friends grew into a 50+ strong volunteer group.

Around the same time as this social outreach, Satish ran a successful HR business. After discussions with Ajit, he decided to use the office space to conduct computer classes in the evening for children from a nearby slum. It was here that U&I was birthed. With the heart-warming response from volunteers and the students, Satish and Ajit decided that the idea of teaching kids through volunteers was worth pursuing. That was back in 2011.

Today, U&I reaches 1600 children in 52 Learning Centers across 20 cities in India through our Teach program. We work with around 2000 volunteers who give their time, talent and energy so they can be the change. We continue the work that was started in the Home for special needs boys, now expanding our Care program to 4 other Homes.

We continue to believe in the potential of every child we reach. We continue to hold firm to the idea that, together, we can make a difference.