May 17, 2024
Thalassery Kitchen - Bunder Chamber Road, Bunder, Mangalore

Matbakh Thalassery – Kitchen with Authenticity- Bunder Chamber Road

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Matbakh Thalassery – Kitchen with Authenticity

Bunder Chamber Road,
U K Compound,
Near Post Office,

Phone: +918762666644

Delightful Kerala fare at Matbakh Thalassery – Kitchen with Authenticity

Kerala, the land of lush sceneries, stupendous views and coffee plantations, but what stands out most is the remarkably diverse cuisine, which like the state itself represents the meeting of cultures.

Bringing forth the flavors of Kerala to Mangalore is Thalassery kitchen, at Bunder, with an array of dishes to tickle those taste buds.

As we all know, Kerala’s love for coconut is evident how most dishes are doused in the same, with a unique blend of spices giving it a sharp, pungent flavor that is elevated with a tinge of tamarind.

At Thalassery kitchen, the main attraction is the famous Thalassery biriyani, which unlike its biriyani counterparts, is made from a special type of rice called Jeerakasala,(also known as kaima rice in Kerala) while the masala is an amalgamation of Kerala spices. Spicy, delectable and is fast gaining popularity with Mangaloreans who are flocking the restaurant just to dig into its varieties like dum biriyani of meat, chicken and fish.

Being a coastal state that has copious amounts of seafood, the fish meals served are a gourmet’s delight.

Additionally, you can feast on some traditional delicacies like the meat kondattam, Kada fry, chicken fry, meat phaal tawa fried or grilled, seek kabab and much more.

A simple, yet comfortable place to enjoy some classic Kerala cuisine. Head to Thalassery kitchen for a soulful meal.

Content by Megan D Souza