July 18, 2024
Nemo's - by the beach - Malpe, Udupi, Karnataka

Nemo’s – by the beach – Malpe, Udupi, Karnataka

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Nemo’s – by the beach

Unit of Paradise Isle,
Malpe, Udupi,
Karnataka 576108
Phone: +919686695987

Nemo’s is not only a seafood sanctuary but also a haven for the discerning drink connoisseur.
Situated right at the water’s edge, the establishment offers a cool, beachside escape where the vibe is as refreshing as the ocean breeze. With an extensive menu that reads like an ode to the sea, Nemo’s specializes in a culinary adventure that features seafood at its finest.

The decor exudes a nautical charm, inviting guests into a space where the soft murmur of the ocean is the perfect backdrop to a relaxing meal. The interior is designed to be an elegant reflection of the sea it adores, with tones of blues and whites that create a tranquil dining atmosphere. The live music here isn’t just an afterthought—it’s an integral part of the Nemo’s experience, setting the scene for memories as lasting as the tides.

Nemo’s takes pride in its signature dish—a symphony of flavors with an authentic green masala Mangalorean-style marination, a delectable blend steamed to perfection in banana leaves. Paneer, chicken, prawns, and pomfret are not just infused with flavor but also with health, as this culinary masterpiece is prepared without any oil, appealing to the taste and wellness.

To complement the delectable food, Nemo’s boasts an impressive selection of handcrafted cocktails and a vast range of alcoholic beverages. The bar is a treasure trove where mixologists conjure up both classic and innovative cocktails, perfect for sipping as the sun dips below the horizon. From fine wines and craft beers to premium spirits and exotic liquors, the choices are as vast as the ocean itself.

Priced to offer value as well as quality, the drink selection at Nemo’s is designed to cater to all, whether you’re looking for a rare vintage or a simple, refreshing cocktail to cap off your day. Every visit to Nemo’s promises a blend of flavors, festivities, and fine spirits, all curated to create an unforgettable beachside dining adventure.