July 18, 2024
HN Engine Decarbonization Point - Kottara Chowki, Mangalore

HN Engine Decarbonization Point – Kottara Chowki, Mangalore

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HN Engine Decarbonization Point

Marian Solace,
Near Raktheshwari Temple,
Malemar Road,
Kottara Chowki,
Phone: +919972463359 / +919108871331

Effects of carbon deposition:

•Engine vibration.
• Insufficient power in engine.
• Engine heating.
• Mileage drops.
• increase air pollution.
• Early oil change.

Advantage of carbon cleaning:

•Increase vehicle mileage up to 3 TO 5 KM.
• Smoother gear shifting.
• Reduction in maintenance.
• Reduce in silencer smoke.
• Increase oil life.
• Smoother engine.
• Reduce engine vibration and noise.
• Increase pickup.
• Reduction in fuel expensive.
• Increase engine life.

We will clean all types of vehicle engine cleaning without removing engine. its a simple process.
which all the carbon which is present inside the engine is removed. EX. from inlet valve, exhaust valve, engine blocks, cylinder head, piston, fuel supply nozzles, injectors, spark plugs.

By cleaning carbon from engine it can help improve engine power, reduce vibration, reduce noise, increase millage. and save money and fuel.

we use HHO gas for cleaning carbon from all types of vehicles. this leads to an increase in performances of the vehicle as it was when the vehicle was new.

we circulate into engine vai air inlet or air filter section. during this whole process the engine is in running condition. as the is running it’s air suction is Pre-determined. this gas reacts with carbon and trust to burn this carbon completely up to 70 TO 80% this carbon burns and comes out in the exhaust. and the change in performance can be sensed by the driver as soon as the process is completed.

This process will take. 15 TO 20 mins for bike.
30 TO 40 mins for car depends on engine CC and kilometer runes.

Tempo traveler and min buses it’s 40 mins process.

Bus and trucks 60 min process.