Zangos - Attavar - Kadri - Mangalore

Zangos – Attavar & Kadri

Zangos – Attavar & Kadri
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Timing: 6PM to 11PM

Kadri (Near Kadri Park): +917204047766
Attavar (Near Nilgiris Supermarket): +917204067766

Stellar food, fresh air, and chatty vibes, Zangos is here to stay

For a city as on-the-go as Mangalore, al fresco dining reigns supreme, and you’ll be hard-pressed to miss this cheerful blue truck stationed near Kadri Park called Zangos, that cheekily reads “taste the thrill with our grill.” Grilled chicken aficionados can nab their best-selling items at a joint in Attavar, just outside the Nilgiris supermarket as well.

Fresh, natural and organic ingredients are used, making up their selection of flavorsome chicken.They come in different versions: Classic Tikka, Peppery, Mexicano but we’re partial to the Peri peri barbecued in fiery red chilies, this one is purely for the spice lovers.

If you’re feeling the South Indian vibe more, the South grill is the move, made with specially chosen spices; this should remind you of the local favorite: ghee roast.You’ll likely want to grab a plate of their acclaimed Ginger fusion, owing to the sweetly spiced flavor if you’re in the mood to experiment.

Contiguous to your feel-good choice,  sip on their insanely refreshing ginger thrill or lime fizz. Pristine and moderately priced, the chicken also comes stuffed into a pav, overflowing with mayo.

So, be it a quick bite or a late evening snack, Zangos is the much-needed oasis for those scouting for top rate grub. And for those lounging in their PJ’s, a quick home delivery is available from 6 pm to 11 pm.

Zangos - Attavar - Kadri - Mangalore
Zangos – Attavar

Food Menu – Zangos

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