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TGG – The Good Galette – Attavar

TGG – The Good Galette

Presidency Skycourt,
Near Nilgiris Supermarket Attavar,
Phone: +919986967674

Find yourself a better bit of batter at TGG

Mangalore city is all the rage these days, because of its culinary offerings, and an exciting and extensively elegant breakfast tradition is a huge part of those. With the opening of ‘the good galette’, this culture is now a lot more profound; as it’s safe to say that devouring pancakes or waffles for dinner isn’t as jarring as it may have once seemed.

Tgg, (as it’s called) lives in the same complex as the Nilgiris supermarket, in Attavar, and is almost missable if you don’t walk towards the side of the building. But once you step in, it’s quite gorgeous. With an array of potted plants nestling on one side of the wall, a capacious open-brushed kitchen and a delightful menu, the sheer chutzpah of it all meant, we took to tgg, even before having a bite.

Although, be warned, as finding a table here isn’t so easy, especially in the evening hours. Service is bright, warm and knowledgeable-dishes appear, and then guests are left alone. Some rhythmic foot-tapping tunes are playing in the background, all the while, as we sit and order a couple of dishes.

Fruit Waffle - TGG - The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore
Fruit Waffle – TGG – The Good Galette – Attavar, Mangalore

The Nutella Banana Waffle, topped with ice-cream, nuts, fruits, whipped cream and maple syrup is a feisty slap of sugary goodness. However, I was surprised to discover, that not everyone at our table seemed to agree. In fact, after a couple of digs, my friend pushed her plate towards me saying it was far too sweet for her liking. Of course, I was only too pleased.

All Day Breakfast - Chicken - TGG – The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore
All Day Breakfast – Chicken – (Scrambled Eggs / Chicken Sausages / Chicken Salami / Peanut Butter / Jam / Baked Beans / with choice of waffle or toast)

At tgg, there’s something for everyone, and it’s crispy deep-fried chicken wings with a dose of sesame seeds, and a vibrant thwack of schezwan sauce is genuinely a delight and costs 240rs. The street momos, on the other hand, were perhaps less exciting. On another occasion – and I’m going back – I’m going for the Commando fries that are getting incredibly popular.

The menu is likely to change, but in my mind, the sliding Waffwich with Jalapeño, tomato and lettuce, is certainly worth seeking out.

Finally, if there’s one thing you should not miss out on, it’s their pannacotta. With a glorious tickle of mocha, topped with white chocolate and generous amounts of chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream and cherry. Understandably, the skills of Chef Boja Kotian, having worked in places all over the globe, like in the US and UK, surely knows his dessert-making craft. We left full, cheerful and determined to get others on board about this place.

Tgg, feels to me, like a restaurant, that’s at the start of a long and remarkable journey. Rahul and his exceptional team look like they’re having the time of their lives, testing the boundaries of Mangalore’s food scene. It may not be perfect, but it sure is exciting. We’ll have the latter any day.

TGG - The Good Galette - Attavar, Mangalore
TGG – The Good Galette – Attavar, Mangalore
Content by Megan D Souza

Farm Cafe – Ice Cream – Bendoorwell Circle

Farm Cafe

Essel Willcon Complex,
Ground Floor,
Bendoorwell Circle,
Phone: +917899444111

Tantalizing flavours of ice cream await at Farm Cafe

Ice-cream is indeed a marvellous treat, and don’t we all love it when we can scoop some indulgent frozen wonders with an upscale twist?

If you’re tired of eating the boring old ice-cream that gets you into ‘brain-freeze’ mode then what you need is to try out Farm Cafe’s signature flavours. This no-frills cosy nook at Bendorewell circle comes complete with wooden upholstery, greenery off the walls(it’s fake, don’t worry) and incredibly warm service. Though the name conjures up images of barn animals and farmers, what it instead delivers is fresh, hygienic, off-the-wall flavours that will entice both inner and actual kids alike.

Nanan Falooda - Farm Cafe, Bendoorwell, Mangalore
Nanan Falooda (The cold favourite in the town! Vanialla ice creamwith organic fresh fruits, dryfruits, strawberry milk and variety of sauce)

Nadan falooda, an uber-rich, creamy vanilla number, studded with organic fresh fruits and dry fruits is as comforting as a parfait, while the Nile Star jazzes up pista-infused vanilla ice cream with chunks of dry fruits and sauces.

However, if you wish to try out a quirky number or please your tantrum-throwing toddler, then the Tom and Jerry- a heavenly blend of vanilla ice-cream, Spanish delight and butterscotch ice-cream is sure to do the job.

Farm Cafe gets major points for their creativity too, but it’s got a less intellectual, more playful vibe going on, targeted more toward the young, young at heart and the children among us. The whimsical concoctions are incredibly sweet, more often than not featuring dry fruits, jelly, candy and all manner of nostalgia-invoking food. But it’s got some wholesomeness to it too, as the fruits used are completely organic.

So, head over now to satisfy those sugary cravings while you dig into some of the high gear decadent desserts at Farm Cafe.

Royal Falooda - Farm Cafe, Bendoorwell, Mangalore
Royal Falooda

Farm Cafe - Kankanady - Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore
Farm Cafe – Kankanady – Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore

Content by Megan D' Souza

DRNK Lab – Light House Hill Road



Hotel Nalapad Residency
Light House Hill Road

Phone: +918244271133

Refreshing blends of your choice, only at the drnk lab

“Sugar, spice and everything nice”, while these were the ingredients chosen by the infamous Professor Utonium to create the Powerpuff girls, in the American superhero animated series, it indeed comes to mind when you visit drnk lab as you sample delicious concoctions that are whipped up with your favourite ingredients. That’s right; Chemistry just got a lot more exciting because when there’s food involved excitement peaks levels for grub lovers everywhere.

Rightfully called “drnk lab”, this exuberant yet pretty modest eatery, situated in the Nalapad Residency Building at Light House Hill Road, soothes your taste buds with delectable experiments where you get to pick what ingredients go into your drink. With its nicely lit up ambience, quirky seating area, European vibe and colourful panels, it’s always brimming with fun, food and conversations.

Coffee Original - DRNK Lab - Light House Hill Road, Hampankatta, Mangalore
Coffee Original

From creamy sundaes, mouth-watering sodas and faloodas, to teas and sizzling ice creams, the delicacies served at the drnk lab are nothing short of phenomenal.
While the cordial staff recommended us several drinks and quick bites, here’s what #aroundmangalore liked:

Kashmiri Falooda:
Berry lovers, dig into this humongous glass, that is incredibly flavorful, soothing and refreshing with generous amounts of raisins and nuts and chilling vanilla ice-cream to top it off.

Fruity Yogo:
This tempting mixed fruit lassi with apple, banana, grapes and strawberry is pleasantly sweet and the type of drink that you would want to keep sipping on again and again.

Mad Macho:
Nutella milkshake with ice-cream and toppings makes up for a divine treat that only Nutella fans would get.

Nut get together:
Besides the apparently bizarre name, this one does have it all together with an intense honey flavour and a copious sprinkling of nuts and whipped cream.

Yes, we do love our drinks, but what’s a place without food, so of course drnk lab has their fair share of quick bites like burgers and kinds of pasta. If you’ve been hitting the gym regularly, then you can have a go at their salads too.

So, since we’ve now run it all by you, it’s time to head out and conduct your own little experiments at the drnk lab. And while you’re at it, we sure would love to hear about them too.

Food Menu – DRNK Lab


Content by Megan D' Souza

Top , Best & Recommended Restaurants in Mangalore

Top, Best & Recommended Restaurants in Mangalore

Farm Cafe - Kankanady - Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore

Farm Cafe – Ice Cream – Bendoorwell Circle

Farm Cafe Essel Willcon Complex, Ground Floor, Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore Phone: +917899444111 Tantalizing flavours of ice cream await at Farm ...
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ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore

ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – M G Road

ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen 5th Floor, Kayarmanj Building Next to T.M.A.Pai Conventional Hall, Opp. First Cry Store M.G.Road, Ballal ...
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Spin Drift - Brew Pub, Mangalore

Spindrift – Brew Pub

Spindrift - Brew Pub 5th Floor, Bharath Mall, Bejai, Mangalore - 575004 Phone: +917899738333 Bond over freshly brewed beer, hearty ...
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Brio Café & Grill, Mangalore

BRIO Café & Grill – Light House Hill Road

BRIO Café & Grill First Floor Sainik Bhavan Near St. Aloysius College Light House Hill Road Mangalore 575001 Phone: 9739970115 ...
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Mangala Restaurant & Bar, Mangalore

Mangala Restaurant & Bar

Mangala Restaurant & Bar Ground Floor & 1st Floor, Shanti Kendra Building, Sliva Cross Road, Opposite Fathima Retreat House, Valencia ...
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ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – M G Road

ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen

5th Floor,
Kayarmanj Building
Next to T.M.A.Pai Conventional Hall,
Opp. First Cry Store

M.G.Road, Ballal Bagh,
Karnataka 575003
Phone:  +918050301111

 Onyx will bowl you over with it’s freshness, zip and zing.

There are some restaurants when they have everything else that’s going for them, offer food that’s better than it should be. The view from Onyx air lounge and kitchen, overlooking M.G road on one side and the T.M.A Pai hall on the other is so vast, and the sense of floating above so engrossing, that the magic of the food and ambiance is merely a bonus. Add to it, a bartender that expertly swirls the bottles like in the movies, and your life seems complete.

A monumental live screen with a separate large 17 seated table is poised ever so royally in the already classy, vivid atmosphere. In keeping with its name Onyx, i.e., which removes negative energy, here is a unique place perfect for get-togethers to bond over food, drinks, music and more! Interactive elements like Teppanyaki live, an exclusive dessert counter and an expansive island bar, you name it, and Onyx has it.

On a hot summer’s night, when Mangalore shimmers yellow and green beneath a topaz sky, Onyx air lounge and kitchen is much the same. With a sub-level party room, separate smoking section, great selection of alcohol and high-quality cutlery, the friendly staff is an extra.

So with all this going on, the food is as robust and sturdy as the place that it’s a part of. It’s also as international as the contemporary interiors they display.

Chilli Cheese Rum Flaming Pizza - ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore
Chilli Cheese Rum Flaming Pizza – ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – MG Road, Mangalore

Their Oreo shake is made of a crisp, tasty wafer and crumbly oreo bits and cream, that does smoothly tingle your palate. It comes with colorful sprinkles decorated all around the top to distract you from the chocolaty brown oreo hues.

If it’s a mocktail that stands out, it has to be the Bell Pepper, comprising of cantaloupe, orange juice, and bell pepper melon. Though it has a high bell pepper flavor, it still isn’t overpowering and is nice and smooth. Dislike Capsicums? No worries, because the Melon Sour Mocktail scores big time with a watermelon base and a minty flavor that is undoubtedly for the sugar fans.

Oreo Shake - ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore
Oreo Shake

There is, naturally enough, a varied menu dedicated to the superstar contents and yet we opt for the Chicken Kalmi Kebab because what’s life without a kebab?However, only one thing matters with a Kebab. Has it been adequately cooked and crisped? Here, it has. It comes with a green sauce that complements it perfectly.

Meanwhile, we can’t skip out on a Paneer dish, so the Paneer Peri Peri it is. The tinge of Peri Peri is best savored when eaten slowly. Another dish that we highly recommend is, the Chilli cheese rum-flaming pizza, crispy, delectable balanced with the bitterness of the rum in a nice contrast. And then, there is the Bhatti ka murgh presented beautifully in a brass jug with charcoal pieces at the bottom and juicy Chicken kebab skewers.

Afterwards, as you move stealthily onto the vast dessert station, you can find a tempting array in the Masala Chai Panacotta and the ravishing cheese paan. A unique sponge cake is seen in the Tres Leches but full points to the dessert winner for us -Marble Cheesecake that we scarfed down in seconds

With nothing short of a ‘pitch-perfect meal,’ your love for the place just intensifies. An in-house DJ spins out pulsating music and is raring to rock the place while the inventive cocktail menu is impressive(read Tamarind Martini). The VIP lounge in a stylish cubicle with a customized menu and personalized hostess is enough to lift your spirits.

Onyx air lounge and kitchen sure has raised the bar, for party dwellers of the city making it swanky, sassy yet affordable for Mangalore’s clubbing culture. What are you waiting for?

ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen - MG Road, Mangalore
ONYX Air Lounge & Kitchen – MG Road, Mangalore
Content by Megan D' Souza

Mumbai Street Kitchen – Hampankatta

Mumbai Street Kitchen

Mischief Mall,
K.S. Rao Road
Mangalore – 575002

Phone: +919148968488 / +918244285114/5/6/7

This new eatery is what you need to tickle those taste buds and soothe your soul

Authentic street food lovers of Mangalore are in for a treat because Mumbai Street kitchen has just hit the town! Whether it’s piping hot pav baji or some mouth watering pani puri, we all love to satiate our craving for these savouries from time to time; but with the question of hygiene looming largely, finding quality street food seems like a Herculean task. At long last, we’ve found our solution in Mumbai street kitchen, a vegetarian’s delight and food lover’s paradise.

Vada Pav and Cutting Chai - Mumbai Street Kitchen, Mangalore
Vada Pav and Cutting Chai – Mumbai Street Kitchen, Mangalore

Located on the ground floor of Excel Mischief mall, on K.S Rao Road, Mumbai Street kitchen is spacious, well-lit and has a vibrant, youthful ambience.The decor is extraordinary with antique kitchen utensils like kettles, lanterns and fruit baskets dangling from the ceiling, along with names of familiar Mumbai roads and a quirky billing counter that has a taxi framework, giving us old-school Mumbai feels.

They offer a bountiful collection of delectable eats to satisfy those finger food hankerings. From smooth, creamy Lassis, tempting chaats, rolls and sandwiches to South Indian preparations like dosa, uttapam, pakodas and bajjies; there’s no stone left unturned to ensure that you get the complete culinary experience at Mumbai street kitchen.

We recommend the Aloo Chaat which has chunks of crisp, fried potatoes tossed in spicy tamarind sauce and drizzled with sev, pomegranate, cilantro and beetroot. The Dahi Puri also made it to our list of favourites, and you will find it particularly hard to resist these mini puris stuffed with potatoes and a sweet and sour combination of chutneys, sev and most importantly the gush of fresh, soothing curd accompanying every bite.

If you’re looking to sample something interesting, then the ragda patties are an excellent choice made with ragda, potato patties and a garnish of tomatoes, onions and sev to add that extra punch, along with a combination of chutneys.

The misal pav is another must-try, to experience the flavours of Maharashtra. Toasted golden brown Pav and perfectly spiced up misal is for those who ‘joyfully eat with their hand’.

For some fresh fruit juices, Faloodas, mocktails and Lassis, Bombay Baadshah located adjacent to Mumbai street kitchen, has an impressive variety of quenchers.
On the whole, with a smorgasbord of palatable options, the foodie in you is sure to be delighted so relax, unwind because the street food experience is about to go to a whole new level at Mumbai street kitchen.

Mumbai Street Kitchen - Hampankatta, Mangalore
Mumbai Street Kitchen

Food Menu – Mumbai Street Kitchen

Mangalore and Delux Thali - Mumbai Street Kitchen
Mangalore and Delux Thali – Mumbai Street Kitchen


Salad Menu - Mumbai Street Kitchen, Mangalore
Salad Menu

Mumbai Street Kitchen – Veg Casual Dining –  A wide range of delicious menu for snacks, grills, chats etc.

Content by Megan D' Souza

Punjab da Pind – Hampankatta

Punjab da Pind

3rd Floor,
Excel Mischief Mall,
Opp. KBC & Hotel Laxmi Mahal,
K.S. Rao Road,
Mangalore – 575001

Phone – +91824428511 | 4285110

Punjab da Pind- Taste of real Punjab

Just like our obsession with their music, Punjabi food equally besots Mangaloreans, and hence it’s no surprise that the best Punjabi restaurant in Mangalore arrives directly from its source: Punjab da Pind. This lends a certain authenticity to the cuisine on display, but what sets it apart is the hospitality, creativity by the Chefs and the luxurious setting. One would picture the typical lassis and butter chicken, but playful and intuitive combinations of food with unique ingredients make for a fine-dining stratosphere, with pleasant surprises that are incredibly gratifying. The result: beautiful dishes like the chicken kurkuri- rolls stuffed with chicken and cheese dipped in tangy/spicy sauce or a vegetarian’s delight-creamy Sarso da saag, Amritsari kulchas and Lucknowi biryani.

Anyone who has been to Punjab da Pind knows for a fact that hospitality is at an all-time high with a warm welcome from a towering, gorgeous traditionally-clad gentleman at the doorway, who makes girls swoon with his remarkable charm and charisma, and his booming “sat sri akaal” giving you instant Punjabi vibes.

The service is warm and friendly with waiters eager to tell you the best in-house preparations and ensure you have a pleasurable experience. The restaurant makes for the perfect family outing given its serene outlook, and the music is upbeat and energetic.

Punjab Da Pind, Mangalore

On the menu, are dishes so compelling that it’s a tough choice to decide on and it took us multiple visits to taste most of the mouth-watering delights!

The top recommendations include cheese stuffed chicken supreme that is quite filling with the chicken being succulent, spicy and when combined with melt-in-the-mouth cheese is beyond fabulous.

Seafood lovers might opt for the unmatched Tandoori Prawns. Makki de roti when had with the sarson da saag is the perfect combination for all the vegetarians out there. If you do not like your biryani, then the cheese naan along with Murgh lababdar is another killer dish to try. Punjab da Pind has its heart set out on doling out crowd-pleasers that are impressionable making it a restaurant loved by all.

The in-house special Kebab platter is confounding and addictive, as well.
Refreshments are entirely appealing, be it the rose lassi or watermelon coolers. Better yet, the in-house special lassi is a treat to the taste buds.

The end is the but the best yet, with zingy paan shots to help digest the heavy meal and an equally tempting range of desserts to delve into for any space left. Delightful jalebi rabri or tender fresh coconut ice-creams would be our go-to options for these.

If you’re looking to get a fix of authentic North Indian specialties, Punjabi cuisine, and other go-to classics, this is the absolute best place for a fine-dining experience, that will leave you wanting for more.


Mini Punjab's - Pind, Mangalore
Mini Punjab’s – Pind, Mangalore

Food Menu – Punjab Da Pind

Note: The cost of the food displayed on the page/menu/image is subject to change. Please check with the restaurant/outlet before ordering.
Content by Megan D Souza

Icy Creamz – Bendoorwell

Icy Creamz – Bendoor

Divya Deepa Arcade,
Karnataka 575002
Phone – +918244255607

Succumb to your inner gourmand with Hangyo’s frozen wonders and decadent munchies

How much do you think you ought to travel to indulge in some frozen delights? Well, not too far, because it’s just around the corner at Hangyo’s! A couple of years ago, Hangyo shot to fame with the introduction of the “softie.” Today they’re a well-known name, with a string of outlets all over Mangalore, the ones garnering most attention being “Icy creamz” in Bendorewell and the ” Hangyo dessert bar” at the center of the food court at Forum Mall.

The parlor is famed for their irresistibly eccentric array of flavors served in cups, cones, and candies. Get your frozen fix with their rotating selection of off-the-wall flavors like Belgian chocolate, Bubblegum, Pinacolada, Sitaphal, etc.

In addition to these are some gargantuan sundaes like the butterscotch blast and crunchy caramel. With regular innovations to the ice creams, they keep surprising us with high gear decadence like the nutty symphony and mint and vanilla.

They also serve an excellent selection of behemoth “icy stones,” among which the Oreo fantasy and Mangalore Choco delight are sensational. Moreover, Hangyo makes you rethink all you thought you knew about ice-cream with the introduction of the icy stones. Choose from a bar of vanilla, chocolate or caramel and then gaze in awe as it dips into a hard coating of another offbeat flavor like pistachio, lemon, etc. Festoon this colossal masterpiece with garnishes like sprinkles and nuts. The same goes for their kulfis, which again topped with sauces, is one part dessert and two parts nostalgia!

The menu boasts of international flavors too, and the wild raspberry is pure indulgence!
If you thought, they’re only about whimsical ice creams then you’ve got it all wrong, because Hangyo churns out compulsively crave-able snacks and short eats, as well. The wraps and rolls are heavenly and just keeps you coming back for more. Furthermore, the Ultimate chicken burger served here is probably one of the best we’ve had in town! Not to forget, the pizzas with a delicious thin crust are addictive. This isn’t the best part, though, with a friendly service and a lovely environment, Hangyo is not-too-expensive with huge servings which make them your go-to spot for all occasions. So, cool down at Hangyo’s, for they hold a special place in Mangalorean’s ice-cream lover’s hearts.


Nutty Symphony - Icy Creamz, Mangalore
Nutty Symphony – Icy Creamz, Mangalore

Ice Cream & Food Menu – Hangyo Ice Cream, Mangalore

Note: The cost of the food displayed on the page/menu/image is subject to change. Please check with the restaurant/outlet before ordering.
Content By Megan D' Souza

Diesel Cafe – Hotel Prestige – Balmatta

Diesel Cafe

Hotel Prestige,
Collector’s Gate,
Balmatta Junction,
Mangalore 575002

Phone: +918242410601

Treat your taste buds to the splendid International cuisine at Diesel Cafe.

After having wooed Mangaloreans with their enticing pancakes and waffles, Diesel Cafe is the cynosure of our food cravings with all-day breakfast options every day! While we all agree ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ who says it should be limited to just mornings? At Diesel Cafe, you can now sample culinary delights like Spanish omelette or California spring rolls all through the day. With a range of gloriously aromatic beverages like hot chocolate or Iced Cafe Latte, they also serve beers/cocktails making it a haven on a sweltering day. After revamping their interiors into an uber stylish retro American theme, they have introduced an improvised menu with delicacies that were unheard of in Mangalore so far. Relish from an array of International cuisine like American, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, French, Swiss etc, all under one roof!

Placed at the main junction below Prestige hotel in Balmatta, Diesel Cafe exudes a warm and cosy vibe as soon as you set foot into it, courtesy its plush bright and red interiors and wrought iron chairs. With an innovative greeting; they serve tall jars of refreshing cucumber and mint infused water to slake your thirst. Known for their impressive portions of Bacon, Sausages, American style Eggs, they have included Risotto, croquettes and bruschetta amongst others that we can define in just one word: sumptuous!

If that doesn’t cheer you up, we are sure the Dongri Kheema Ghotala will; possibly one of their best dishes it comprises spicy minced chicken with poached eggs served with masala potato wedges and mayonnaise: quite filling even if you are a voracious eater.

Diesel Cafe - Hotel Prestige, Balmatta, Mangalore
Diesel Cafe

One cannot be at Diesel Cafe and not try their waffles, so we did just that with their Epic Waffles: Nutella, chocolate chips, crunchy cashew nut bits and delightful chocolate ice cream all make for happiness on a plate!
If pizza is love for you then, their 3 cheese pizza is worth a mention; with a thin, light and perfectly crispy crust and copious amounts of three different types of cheese which include mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar.
For mouth watering, vegetarian options try their license to grill which is a melange of grilled Asian vegetables, spicy with a burst of flavour.

Lastly, those with a sweet tooth can indulge in their divine hazelnut-oreo shake served in a Mason jar with lovely polka dotted straws or their decadent Blueberry cheese cake; perfectly subtle and soft which will leave you feeling utterly content.

With their stellar deliverance of fantastic food, free Wi-Fi and good music, it’s sunny side up all day at Diesel Cafe. Splurge on a host of exciting preparations of savoury as well as sweet dishes because not only do they spoil you for choice, but enjoying a meal here indeed becomes the highlight of your day!

Diesel Cafe - Hotel Prestige, Balmatta, Mangalore
Diesel Cafe
Diesel Cafe - Hotel Prestige, Balmatta, Mangalore
Diesel Cafe
Diesel Cafe - Hotel Prestige, Balmatta, Mangalore
Diesel Cafe
Diesel Cafe - Hotel Prestige, Balmatta, Mangalore
Diesel Cafe



Food Menu – Diesel Cafe, Mangalore


Note: The cost of the food displayed on the page/menu/image is subject to change. Please check with the restaurant/outlet before ordering.
Diesel Cafe, Mangalore


Content by Megan D' Souza