Mini Punjab's - Pind, Mangalore

Punjab da Pind – Hampankatta

Punjab da Pind

3rd Floor,
Excel Mischief Mall,
Opp. KBC & Hotel Laxmi Mahal,
K.S. Rao Road,
Mangalore – 575001

Phone – +91824428511 | 4285110

Punjab da Pind- Taste of real Punjab

Just like our obsession with their music, Punjabi food equally besots Mangaloreans, and hence it’s no surprise that the best Punjabi restaurant in Mangalore arrives directly from its source: Punjab da Pind. This lends a certain authenticity to the cuisine on display, but what sets it apart is the hospitality, creativity by the Chefs and the luxurious setting. One would picture the typical lassis and butter chicken, but playful and intuitive combinations of food with unique ingredients make for a fine-dining stratosphere, with pleasant surprises that are incredibly gratifying. The result: beautiful dishes like the chicken kurkuri- rolls stuffed with chicken and cheese dipped in tangy/spicy sauce or a vegetarian’s delight-creamy Sarso da saag, Amritsari kulchas and Lucknowi biryani.

Anyone who has been to Punjab da Pind knows for a fact that hospitality is at an all-time high with a warm welcome from a towering, gorgeous traditionally-clad gentleman at the doorway, who makes girls swoon with his remarkable charm and charisma, and his booming “sat sri akaal” giving you instant Punjabi vibes.

The service is warm and friendly with waiters eager to tell you the best in-house preparations and ensure you have a pleasurable experience. The restaurant makes for the perfect family outing given its serene outlook, and the music is upbeat and energetic.

Punjab Da Pind Mangalore p2 - Punjab da Pind - Hampankatta

On the menu, are dishes so compelling that it’s a tough choice to decide on and it took us multiple visits to taste most of the mouth-watering delights!

The top recommendations include cheese stuffed chicken supreme that is quite filling with the chicken being succulent, spicy and when combined with melt-in-the-mouth cheese is beyond fabulous.

Seafood lovers might opt for the unmatched Tandoori Prawns. Makki de roti when had with the sarson da saag is the perfect combination for all the vegetarians out there. If you do not like your biryani, then the cheese naan along with Murgh lababdar is another killer dish to try. Punjab da Pind has its heart set out on doling out crowd-pleasers that are impressionable making it a restaurant loved by all.

The in-house special Kebab platter is confounding and addictive, as well.
Refreshments are entirely appealing, be it the rose lassi or watermelon coolers. Better yet, the in-house special lassi is a treat to the taste buds.

The end is the but the best yet, with zingy paan shots to help digest the heavy meal and an equally tempting range of desserts to delve into for any space left. Delightful jalebi rabri or tender fresh coconut ice-creams would be our go-to options for these.

If you’re looking to get a fix of authentic North Indian specialties, Punjabi cuisine, and other go-to classics, this is the absolute best place for a fine-dining experience, that will leave you wanting for more.


pind1 - Punjab da Pind - Hampankatta
Mini Punjab’s – Pind, Mangalore

Food Menu – Punjab Da Pind

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