Mumbai Street Kitchen - Hampankatta, Mangalore

Mumbai Street Kitchen – Hampankatta

Mumbai Street Kitchen

Mischief Mall,
K.S. Rao Road
Mangalore – 575002

Phone: +919148968488 / +918244285114/5/6/7

This new eatery is what you need to tickle those taste buds and soothe your soul

Authentic street food lovers of Mangalore are in for a treat because Mumbai Street kitchen has just hit the town! Whether it’s piping hot pav baji or some mouth watering pani puri, we all love to satiate our craving for these savouries from time to time; but with the question of hygiene looming largely, finding quality street food seems like a Herculean task. At long last, we’ve found our solution in Mumbai street kitchen, a vegetarian’s delight and food lover’s paradise.

Vada Pav and Cutting Chai - Mumbai Street Kitchen, Mangalore
Vada Pav and Cutting Chai – Mumbai Street Kitchen, Mangalore

Located on the ground floor of Excel Mischief mall, on K.S Rao Road, Mumbai Street kitchen is spacious, well-lit and has a vibrant, youthful ambience.The decor is extraordinary with antique kitchen utensils like kettles, lanterns and fruit baskets dangling from the ceiling, along with names of familiar Mumbai roads and a quirky billing counter that has a taxi framework, giving us old-school Mumbai feels.

They offer a bountiful collection of delectable eats to satisfy those finger food hankerings. From smooth, creamy Lassis, tempting chaats, rolls and sandwiches to South Indian preparations like dosa, uttapam, pakodas and bajjies; there’s no stone left unturned to ensure that you get the complete culinary experience at Mumbai street kitchen.

We recommend the Aloo Chaat which has chunks of crisp, fried potatoes tossed in spicy tamarind sauce and drizzled with sev, pomegranate, cilantro and beetroot. The Dahi Puri also made it to our list of favourites, and you will find it particularly hard to resist these mini puris stuffed with potatoes and a sweet and sour combination of chutneys, sev and most importantly the gush of fresh, soothing curd accompanying every bite.

If you’re looking to sample something interesting, then the ragda patties are an excellent choice made with ragda, potato patties and a garnish of tomatoes, onions and sev to add that extra punch, along with a combination of chutneys.

The misal pav is another must-try, to experience the flavours of Maharashtra. Toasted golden brown Pav and perfectly spiced up misal is for those who ‘joyfully eat with their hand’.

For some fresh fruit juices, Faloodas, mocktails and Lassis, Bombay Baadshah located adjacent to Mumbai street kitchen, has an impressive variety of quenchers.
On the whole, with a smorgasbord of palatable options, the foodie in you is sure to be delighted so relax, unwind because the street food experience is about to go to a whole new level at Mumbai street kitchen.

Mumbai Street Kitchen - Hampankatta, Mangalore
Mumbai Street Kitchen

Food Menu – Mumbai Street Kitchen

Mangalore and Delux Thali - Mumbai Street Kitchen
Mangalore and Delux Thali – Mumbai Street Kitchen


Salad Menu - Mumbai Street Kitchen, Mangalore
Salad Menu

Mumbai Street Kitchen – Veg Casual Dining –  A wide range of delicious menu for snacks, grills, chats etc.

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