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What happens when you completely forget that its Mother’s day or Valentine’s day- or even someone’s birthday?

A beautiful bouquet ought to help, or maybe a scrumptious cake that makes them forget everything in a jiffy. Well, fret not, because Flower mojo proves to be a real saviour for those of us with sieves for brains or last minute-madness. With a massive selection of flowers available, including a range of speciality bouquets for special occasions, Flower mojo also has gifts including chocolates, sweets, fruit baskets and combos, just in case you need to make your delivery extra fancy. What’s more, there are loads of last-minute delivery options for anyone who’s left a bit late – which is likely to be everyone – if we’re honest. Also, same day delivery and midnight delivery to surprise your special someone is a doddle with them, (including Sunday) thanks to their incredible 24-hours service.

At Flower mojo, you can expect to find seasonal blooms, and exquisite flowers in their fashion-focused bouquets and the bunches stay sweet smelling and perky for longer than most. One look at the elegant, timeless, hand-tied arrangements and you’ll be bowled over. They have everything from gerberas to orchids, sweet-smelling lilies to carnations and colourful roses.

Chocolates - Flower Mojo - flowermojo.com
Chocolates – Flower Mojo – flowermojo.com

Moreover, they’re packed full of genuinely lovely gift ideas, especially for the ones who love to go all out like maybe pop in a teddy or two along with a bunch of roses or add in a box of your favourite Ferrero Rocher with a heart-shaped strawberry cake. The only problem is staying on track and not getting distracted by all the beautiful options that you get to choose from, lest you go overboard and order a ton of stuff. Of course, the recipient would only be too pleased. Hence it’s a win-win at the end.

Cakes - Flower Mojo - flowermojo.com
Cakes – Flower Mojo – flowermojo.com

So, with just a swipe of your smartphone, you can now treat your loved ones to a bunch of beautiful blooms, courtesy Flower mojo and you won’t even have to bat an eyelid if they could be living miles away. Flower mojo transports to all major cities and is pretty much available to most of India. With their aim to wow customers and keep updated with current trends, Flower mojo makes sure every delivery is done with utmost care and according to the requirements of the customer, thus ensuring a thoroughly satisfying experience. Be it a fruit basket to a dear one recovering from an illness or some lip-smacking gulab jamun for a nephew who just cleared his exams, there’s something for every occasion and sending love across different cities hasn’t been more comfortable. The prices vary for every bouquet, so there’s always something for every budget, but you can entirely rely on their quality.

Fresh & Dry Fruits - Flower Mojo - flowermojo.com
Fresh & Dry Fruits – Flower Mojo – flowermojo.com

By understanding the importance of delivering on time as well keeping in mind the emotions and surprise elements, Flower mojo is well on their way to becoming the most sought after florist and gift delivery service in India.

Flowers - Flower Mojo - flowermojo.com
Flowers – Flower Mojo – flowermojo.com

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