Farm Cafe - Kankanady - Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore

Farm Cafe – Ice Cream – Bendoorwell Circle

Farm Cafe – Ice Cream – Bendoorwell Circle
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Farm Cafe

Essel Willcon Complex,
Ground Floor,
Bendoorwell Circle,
Phone: +917899444111

Tantalizing flavours of ice cream await at Farm Cafe

Ice-cream is indeed a marvellous treat, and don’t we all love it when we can scoop some indulgent frozen wonders with an upscale twist?

If you’re tired of eating the boring old ice-cream that gets you into ‘brain-freeze’ mode then what you need is to try out Farm Cafe’s signature flavours. This no-frills cosy nook at Bendorewell circle comes complete with wooden upholstery, greenery off the walls(it’s fake, don’t worry) and incredibly warm service. Though the name conjures up images of barn animals and farmers, what it instead delivers is fresh, hygienic, off-the-wall flavours that will entice both inner and actual kids alike.

Nanan Falooda - Farm Cafe, Bendoorwell, Mangalore
Nanan Falooda (The cold favourite in the town! Vanialla ice creamwith organic fresh fruits, dryfruits, strawberry milk and variety of sauce)

Nadan falooda, an uber-rich, creamy vanilla number, studded with organic fresh fruits and dry fruits is as comforting as a parfait, while the Nile Star jazzes up pista-infused vanilla ice cream with chunks of dry fruits and sauces.

However, if you wish to try out a quirky number or please your tantrum-throwing toddler, then the Tom and Jerry- a heavenly blend of vanilla ice-cream, Spanish delight and butterscotch ice-cream is sure to do the job.

Farm Cafe gets major points for their creativity too, but it’s got a less intellectual, more playful vibe going on, targeted more toward the young, young at heart and the children among us. The whimsical concoctions are incredibly sweet, more often than not featuring dry fruits, jelly, candy and all manner of nostalgia-invoking food. But it’s got some wholesomeness to it too, as the fruits used are completely organic.

So, head over now to satisfy those sugary cravings while you dig into some of the high gear decadent desserts at Farm Cafe.

Royal Falooda - Farm Cafe, Bendoorwell, Mangalore
Royal Falooda

Farm Cafe - Kankanady - Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore
Farm Cafe – Kankanady – Bendoorwell Circle, Mangalore

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